Thursday, January 9, 2020


Good Afternoon!
I hope you are all having a nice week!

Conference letters went home today, please look at your scheduled time and return the form to me ASAP. 

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a TAG Day, the theme is "SuperHero Day". Students may dress down tomorrow in Superhero Themed attire (or whatever they may have), just please bring in the $1 donation in their homework folder to go to our 8th grade buddies.

It is pizza lunch and there will also be the snack shop open during lunch if students wish to bring in change to purchase snacks/drinks.

Thank you for returning Book Baggies to school each day, we have been transitioning to our new reading groups and will continue with the books one last time tomorrow before we send home new books on Monday. Please return reading folders and book baggies tomorrow as well. 

Have a great night!
Love & Prayers,
Mrs. T

Monday, January 6, 2020

Week of January 6th

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We are off to a tremendous start to our first week back in the New Year! We have many exciting objectives beginning this week and a lot to look forward to ahead. 

Important Info For the Week Ahead:
1) Reading Folders went home today with all new work for January. You will find the monthly assignments as well as our new weekly additions. We have begun using our “Book Baggies” as part of our guided reading program. Please see the attached letter and be sure to send in your child’s “Book Baggie” to school each day in their Reading Folder. For this week, we will be transitioning into our groups slowly, so we may keep the books the same for a few rounds before sending home a new book. It is still important for students to read them to build their skills and confidence. :) The books will grow in difficulty as we progress throughout the rest of the year. 

2) Little Gym Registration Forms for the next session went home today. If you are interested in signing your child up for the class, please return the form back to school.

3) This Friday January 10th is our next TAG Day to help the 8th grade. The theme this month is “Superhero Day”. Students may dress down in Superhero themed attire if they bring their $1 donation. 

4) Kindergarten Conferences will be held January 21st & 22nd. A letter will be sent home this week detailing your scheduled time and date. After receiving your letter, if you need to reschedule for any reason we can work out a better date/time that fits your needs. 

5) There is no school on Monday January 20th for students. 

Here are this week’s themes/concepts: 
1) LA/Reading/Phonics:
-Popcorn Words- do, like, who, he, will 
-Reading Comprehension Skill- Character & Sequence 
-Writing Skill- Beginning sentences, writers workshop 

2) Mathematics:
-Data & Graphing

3) Religion:
-The Epiphany
-The Three Wise Men
-Jesus in Nazareth 

4) Social Studies:
-Holidays Around the World- Conclusion
-Martin Luther King Jr.- Spreading a message of love &      

Thank you for your time and attention. As always, please reach out if you have any questions.
Have a Blessed Week!
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Tironi

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020! Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and winter break, it was so nice being back with the class today. Thank you all so much for the generous gifts, especially the absolutely beautiful class blanket and thoughtful card. I am so truly blessed to be your child’s teacher and be able to work at this incredible school. I love Kindergarten & STS! 

Tomorrow we will be going to First Friday Mass at 11:00. It is also pizza lunch Friday and school store will be open during lunch if you wish to send in change with your child. If you did not already pay for pizza please send it tomorrow. 

Next week parent teacher conference forms will be sent home, along with our new January Reading Folder work. 

Have a wonderful evening!
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Tironi

Monday, December 16, 2019

Week of Dec. 16th

Good Evening Kindergarten Families,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our SUPER special- Top Secret- Day!!! Students were told today that we "won" a pajama day for our good behavior and working hard in school. They are asked to all wear their pajamas tomorrow and may bring in a stuffed animal and a pair of slippers (or silly socks) to wear in the classroom. They must still wear normal shoes for outside. 

We will be having our special event in the afternoon, however should the weather be worse than expected and we need to reschedule to Wednesday afternoon, I will reach out to you all tomorrow morning and let you know the new plan. 

Praying for the best and we don't need to reschedule. :)

Here are the reminders for this week:

1) If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to send in Santa shop money tomorrow since we will be shopping on Thursday morning.

2) permission slips for our special, secret activity day are also due back by tomorrow. Our special day will be Tuesday afternoon. 

3) our Christmas gift exchange will be this Friday, please send in your gift wrapped and labeled by 

Thursday, so we can ensure every child has a gift to open on Friday. Thank you again for your support! 🙏

4) our Christmas concert is this Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. Students are to be dropped off at 6:45 

wearing their festive Sundaybest attire, please also ensure they use the restroom before you drop them 
off  with us. We will be meeting in the 2nd grade classroom for drop-off.

5) this Friday is a half day with an 11:30 am dismissal. There is NO after care available, all students must be picked up via car or bus line at 11:30. School in closed for winter break from Monday Dec. 23rd to 

Wednesday Jan. 1st and will reopen Thursday Jan. 2nd.

Thank you, have a great night & stay safe. 
Mrs. T 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Week of 12/9/19

Good Afternoon! Happy Second Week of Advent! 

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, we only have two more weeks of school before Christmas break. 

Here is some important information for the week ahead:
1) Santa Shop payment slips went home today in homework folders. Please look at how much is due and send in the money in a clearly marked envelope with your child’s name and “Santa Shop” no later than this Friday. It is cash only, please.

2) Reading folders went home with this weeks new checklist, popcorn words, and practice sheet. Please return this folders and assignments on Friday.

3) This Friday is our next TAG Day, the theme will be “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Your child may wear any Christmas/festive theme attire on Friday. Please remember the $1 donation for the 8th grade class that day as well.

4) Our Christmas Concert will be next Thursday Dec. 19th at 7:00 pm. Children are asked to be dropped off by 6:45 pm wearing Festive Sunday Best. 

5) Friday December 20th is our last day of school before winter break. It is a half day with an 11:30 am dismissal. There is NO after care that day. 

Here are this week’s themes/concepts: 
1) LA/Reading/Phonics:
Popcorn Words- not, two, three, blue, go
Color Word- blue
Reading Comprehension Skill- Character 
Writing Skill- Beginning sentences, writers workshop 

2) Mathematics:
Data & Graphing

3) Religion:
Advent Season
Week of Peace

4) Social Studies:
Holidays Around the World 

Thank you for your time! Have a Blessed week! 
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Tironi

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Week of December 3rd

Good Afternoon!
It was so nice to be back today with your awesome children and we had a wonderful day full of exciting events today! Our classroom scout Elf arrived, we started our Advent Book Countdown, and we started using Writing Offices for Writer’s Workshop! It might be a short month but we have lots of activities coming up. 

Here are some important reminders for the week/month ahead:

1) December Pizza Money is due ASAP. 

2) Reading Homework for the month of December went home in Reading Folders yesterday. We also sent home the reading homework today in homework folders. It is the read, write, and draw book due back Friday.

3) We will be attending 1st Friday Mass this Friday at 11:00 am.

4) Our next TAG day is Friday December 13th the theme will be Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. 

5) Our Christmas concert for grades K-8th will be on Thursday December 19th at 7:00 pm. Students are asked to be here at 6:45 pm wearing their “Festive Sunday Best”. 

6) Friday December 20th is our last day before winter break, it is a half day with an 11:30 am dismissal and NO after care. 

Here are our weekly themes/Concepts:
1) LA/Reading/Phonics:
Popcorn Words- away, run, here, where, to 
Color Word- red
Reading Comprehension Skill- Plot
Writing Skill- Beginning sentences 

2) Mathematics:
Data & Graphing

3) Religion:
Advent Season
Week of Hope

4) Social Studies:
Holidays Around the World 

Thank you for your time! Have a wonderful week! 
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Tironi

Monday, November 25, 2019

Week of November 25th

Good Afternoon!
1) This week are all half days. Tomorrow we will be having dismissal at 12:00, there is after care available. Wednesday we will be dismissing at 11:30 am and there is NO after care available. School is closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.

2) We will be having our Bootcamp Fashion Show tomorrow. Students may bring in something small that they can carry that begins with the letter of their vest to use during our fashion show.  We will be sharing video and photo of our show on Dojo that morning for you all to enjoy. :)

3) There will be no new popcorn words or reading homework this week, so you may keep reading folders at home until Monday December 2nd.

4) A reminder that all Santa Shop order forms must be returned by Wednesday. Please send one back even if your child will not be shopping that day. No money is due at this time. 

5) Christmas Breakfast permission slips are due back to school by Wednesday. 

6) Scholastic Book orders are being submitted tonight for November orders. Our December catalog will be sent home next Monday and orders will be due by Friday Dec. 6th. This will be our last order before Christmas. 

Thank you for your time! Have a great evening.
Mrs. Tironi


Good Afternoon! I hope you are all having a nice week! Conference letters went home today, please look at your scheduled time and return ...