Monday, May 11, 2020

Distance Learning Weeks 6-8

Kindergarten will continue to use our Google Classroom daily for all our assignments. We will also continue to correspond and communicate through Class Dojo daily, I am always here to help as much as needed.

My recorded lessons will be posted each day for you for each subject in our Google Classroom. 

We will continue to have 3-4 ZOOM meetings per week, themes and activities are sent to you and are included in our monthly newsletters. 

Keep up the great work, I am so proud of all you are doing and all you have accomplished thus far! I know the situation isn't ideal, but everyone is really doing a great job. :)

God Bless You All, Stay Safe!
Love & Prayers Always,
Mrs. Tironi 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Week of April 20th- Distance Learning Week 5

Baby Austin & I say "Welcome Back Kindergarten Friends!"

I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break and celebrated the amazing gift from God that Jesus is Risen! Alleluia! 

This week will be Kindergarten's Virtual Spirit Week! Please follow the chart below (also provided via Dojo & Classroom) to see what each theme is for each day. It will be so fun to do this together, even though we won't be physically together we are always together in spirit! :) <3

I believe by now everyone has received their packets and Brain Bags from the main lobby, these will provide your child with all they will need for the next two weeks of our distance learning. 

Please see the April Newsletter I sent home as well as our Google Classroom DAILY that will provide all my recorded lessons for each subject and instructions on what we will be working on together each day. 

We will continue to have three weekly ZOOM meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Timing will be based upon the survey results, but as of now they will remain at 11:00 am. I will alert you via Dojo if there are any chances as well. 

I am looking forward to all our learning and activities coming up this week. As always, please reach out if you have any questions. Please continue to keep our very special STS Family in our prayer intentions this week and storm Heaven for them. Thank you for all you do!

Love & Prayers,
Mrs. Tironi 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Week of March 30th- Home Instruction Week 3

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Welcome to week 3 of our digital learning! I have created today's schedule and assignments for students on our Google Classroom. Please look in the packet labeled "Week One" that you picked up from the tote outside our building this weekend for the assignments and see under each subject which activity students are asked to do. You will also see all my videos for our lessons as well under each subject category.

I would like to do another Zoom meeting with our class this week on Wednesday and Friday, this time around 11:00 am. I will post a question on Tuesday to see if your child will be available to join us for our Zoom Meeting and I will send you the link on Wednesday morning to join us. It is always so wonderful seeing their happy faces. :)

Here are the themes/concepts we are focusing on this week: 
1) LA/Reading/Phonics:
 -Spelling Pattern- Short Vowel “U” Word Family- “-ug”
 -Reading Comprehension Skill- Character 
 -Writing Skill-  Writing sentences 
-Parts of Speech- Nouns 

2) Mathematics:
-Adding Strategies- Number Line, Counting On, Drawing Picture

3) Religion:
 -Jesus’ Lenten Journey
-Stations of the Cross 5-10

4) Science: 
 -Weather Unit Continued 

As always, please reach out to me should you have any questions. I am looking forward to another wonderful week together and continued prayers for you all to stay healthy & safe! God Bless!

Love Always,

Mrs. T

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Good Afternoon!
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. I wanted to 

make you all aware of our learning plan going forward since 
STS is closed until after spring break. We will continue to 
utilize our Google Classroom and that is where I will post all 
DAILY assignments and tell you what the expectations for 
each day will be, just like we have done this week.

I will also I will be going to school today to prepare another 

packet full of the next two weeks materials. I will be stapling 
them today as one large packet for week one and two.

I am planning to leave these packets in a tote outside of our 

Learning Center building door tonight. Whenever you have a 
chance, starting tomorrow morning, please swing by and 
pick up ONE packet out of the tote. The tote will be out 
throughout the weekend as well. 

I will tell you each day which sheets your child will be working
on in our Google Classroom. Many of our other activities will 
still be given digitally on there as well.

Also, I would like to do our Google Meet tomorrow at 10:00 

am with our students, please let me know if they are unable 
to attend at this time. I am greatly looking forward to seeing 
all their smiling faces! :)

Thank you again for all you do! God Bless, Stay Healthy! :)
Love & Prayers,
Mrs. T

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Week of March 23rd- Home Instruction Week 2

Hello Wonderful Kdg Families,

I hope everyone had a nice and restful weekend and you are all doing well. We have made it through week one and I thank you all for your support and patience along the way, as this is very new for all of us. In an effort to make things more organized, and hopefully simpler for you all, I have been working and preparing a new method for our class to take on this next week of our “distance learning” together. 

I have now created our own Google Classroom for Kindergarten where I will be posting up our DAILY assignments for each of our subjects (Math, Reading, Spelling/Phonics, Religion, Science/Social Studies). 

Each of your children have been given a Google account that will be used to log into our Classroom each day. I will be sending you all an individual message with your child’s login information right after this message. 

They may sign-in and complete assignments on our Google Classroom either on a laptop or mobile device, although you may need to download the app on mobile devices (which is free) along with Google Docs & Google Slides as we will be using these as well. 

If you are new to Google Classroom, please watch this short tutorial that will walk you through the steps to log-in your child and gain access to all the assignments each day. 

Google Classroom will be our main instruction platform that will guide you on what your child should do each day. Some of the activities you will find in the folder of work that was sent home, and some will be new and “digital” activities to complete. 

Please follow the instructions on Google Classroom each day and be sure to click “TURN IN” on EACH subject assignment so I can see students’ progress. By turning in their assignment, this will acknowledge their attendance for the day. If assignments are not turned in, they will be marked absent for that day. Please note you have until the evening each day to complete all assignments. Any paper assignments that are due, please submit a picture on ClassDojo each day to their Portfolio or sent through messages. 

I know this may be a little confusing at first, but I do believe this will be in the long run the most efficient way for us to complete our distance learning together. I know many of you are working from home and trying to balance school and work, so my goal is to also help alleviate some stress on you by me guiding you daily on what your child should work on.  

As always, I am here for you should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time. I am looking forward to another wonderful week together “virtually”! :)

Stay healthy, God Bless!
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Tironi

Monday, March 16, 2020

Week of March 16th- Home Instruction

Good Morning My Awesome Kindergartners & Families,

Welcome to our first week together "digitally"! Parents, please read the message typed in blue below to your children so they know what to expect for this week. Also, be sure to use the folder that was sent home Friday and use the LEFT side labeled "Week of March 16th". All links, worksheets, etc. can be found in that folder. I will also be updating via Dojo when possible. 

Students can also submit their work to be via Dojo through pictures, videos, or anything uploaded onto their "portfolio". If you are unsure how to do this, I have posted instructions for you at the end of this blog.

Please remember, this is a brand-new experience for all of us and I understand how difficult it may be to work from home and also help your child with school. I am not expecting them to complete every single assignment every single day, that is why I am giving you flexibility to choose which subjects/work you'd like to work on each day. If you need any help at all, please reach out to me either via Dojo or email any time any day. :) 

Hello my Kindergarten All-Stars!!! It does feel very strange not having our traditional morning with our meeting together, but feel free to start each day with our Kindness Pledge & Morning Prayer to Jesus just like we always do! I have posted them below for your families to join in with you. :) 

Kindness Pledge:
I pledge to myself, on this day
to try to be kind in every way.
To every person, big or small,
I will help them if they fall. 
When I love myself, and others too,
that is the best that I can do!

Good Morning, Jesus Prayer:
Dear Jesus, please show me how to spend this day,
sharing your love in every way.
Help me to be kind to everyone, to play and laugh & have lots of fun!
Shining your light, and giving your Grace, 
and sharing your JOY with a smile on my face. Amen!

This week we are going to be learning lots of fun new ideas! Here are the themes of the week for each subject! 

Language Arts/Reading/Phonics/Spelling
This week we are moving onto the next short vowel, letter "Ii"! You will see our SIX new spelling words of the week. You all did fantastic last week on your tests and now we are moving into an extra word this week. Don't forget to watch our "Vowel Songs" that we sing and exercise to each day. 

Our word family pattern this week is the "ig" family. Be sure to watch the learning videos on YouTube that I shared with you to practice. I especially LOVE the "Big Pig Song", it is super catchy and fun. 

When you are reading a book, or on Raz Kids or EPIC (I will email your parents this information) be sure to listen  and look out for Problem & Solution, as well as what characters are in your story. Discuss these with your families as well. 

I will be sharing some read- aloud's this week of some of the stories we were going to read in class together. Be on the lookout for those on Dojo! 

If you remember at the end of last week I introduced you to our new friend, Gus the Plus! 

We are now moving into our Addition unit and learning about how we can ADD numbers together to get a SUM, or find a total number we have IN ALL. Don't forget while you are practicing this week, it is important to know the facts but most important is to know HOW to FIND the answers, such as counting on, using items, using our fingers, or my favorite drawing dots to help us. 

You will find some addition practice sheets in your folder and many links to take you to some addition songs. I have also added addition games on ABCmouse and you can find them also on Khan Academy. I will be sending your parents more info on how they can sign you into Khan Academy that will have videos, games, and assignments for you to complete by the end of next week. Have fun adding! 

We are still taking our Lenten Journey with Jesus. Please be sure to color in one  step on our Calendar in PURPLE each day. Also be sure to sing our Lent Song each day as well. 

I shared our Bible Story links with your parents so you can watch those as a reminder of what Jesus did for us and why we need to try every day to remember him and be how he wants us to be to say THANK YOU to him. 

This week we will be focusing in on the Three Holy Days that lead Jesus to the end of the Lenten Journey. You will find the pages from your Religion book in your folders.

We are also celebrating St. Patrick tomorrow, so be sure to remember to watch the video about him and also remember the shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, three in one. 

This week we are entering a NEW unit of Science- exploring and becoming official WEATHER WATCHERS! 

Watch the SciShow Kids video about Weather Watchers to learn more about what to look out for when recording and exploring the weather outside. In your folders you will see a Weather Watcher Journal. Be sure to complete this EVERY DAY to log in and track the different kinds of weather we see each day. 

When we return to school we will be comparing the weather changes, as we are finally going into the season of SPRING on Thursday! YAY! 

There are also many hands-on science experiments we will be doing when we come back to school, however if your family is up for it some days this week try to get outside and explore the weather as much as possible. You can find lots of fun things to experiment with weather with things you might have around the house. 

Specials this week
Even though we aren't in school each day, you can still do some special activities for each of our SPECIAL classes if you'd like! Here are some fun ideas for this week:
Monday- Art Day: Draw a picture or create anything your mind can IMAGINE
Tuesday- Music & Spanish & Computers Day: Sing some songs, dance & move, you can also practice Spanish by looking at some awesome videos on YouTube- also check out Mrs. Hall's blog for some ideas on Computers 
Wednesday & Thursday- Gym Days: Be active! Practice your jump rope for the jump rope contest coming up in April! 
Friday- Spanish & Computer Day: Check out ABCya for some fun games! 

Okay my awesomely smart Kinders, this is where I will leave you now, but rest assured that I will be sending you different things on Dojo throughout the week so be sure to keep an eye out. I am also posting directions for your parents below so they can have you send me pictures, videos, or anything you wish through your own Portfolio. You can also change your Dojo monster on there as well! 
Remember- even though we aren't together in person I am always thinking of you and missing you all but I know you're going to do FANTASTIC on your work this week and keep moving forward! <3

Info for Parents on Dojo
Please follow these instructions on how to upload work to your child's portfolio. I will also be sending you login info for the EPIC Reading Program, as well as Khan Academy for math. There are also new lessons on ABCMouse for students to explore as well. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay healthy & safe! I will post more updates via Dojo & will post next week's summary on Monday the 23rd.

Love & Prayers to All,

Mrs. Tironi 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Week of March 9th

Good Afternoon! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and you are all enjoying this beautiful weather! We are off to an amazing start this week. I would firstly like to let everyone know that we are so excited to tell you that we have a new student who has joined our class today. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and showed her how amazing STS truly is! <3

Here are some updates & reminders for the week ahead:
1) Everyone did a fantastic job on last week’s spelling test. Please be sure to sign & return their test.  We are moving onto the next vowel “e” with the word family “-en”. Please see your child’s homework folder for this week’s words, and the spelling homework (write one sentence for each word) is due back to school on Thursday. Our next test will be this Friday.

2) This Friday will be our next TAG Day, the theme is “Green for St. Patrick’s Day”. Please be sure to send in the $1 donation for the 8th grade if your child dresses down. 

3) Some important forms will be going home in folders tomorrow, please be sure to read, sign & return them ASAP. 

4) 1st & 3rd Grade are collecting donations for Easter Baskets for the Senior Citizens until March 31st. Thank you for your support!

5) Summer Camp forms are due back April 3rd. We hope to see lots of friends there. :) 

Here are this week’s themes & concepts:
Here are this week’s themes/concepts: 
1) LA/Reading/Phonics:
-Spelling Pattern- Short Vowel “E” Word Family- “-en”
-Reading Comprehension Skill- Problem & Solution 
-Writing Skill- Beginning sentences, writers workshop 
-Reading Groups- sounding out words, comprehension
2) Mathematics:
-Measurement Conclusion
-Intro to Addition! 
3) Religion:
-Jesus’ Lenten Journey
4) Science: 
-Arctic Animals Conclusion 
5) Social Studies:
-Communities, Map Skills, Our World 

Have an excellent week!
Love & Prayers,
Mrs. Tironi

Distance Learning Weeks 6-8

Kindergarten will continue to use our Google Classroom daily for all our assignments. We will also continue to correspond and communic...